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Strength-Based Approach with Design Thinking 

James is the sole owner of JBK Business Consulting, where he leverages a distinctive blend of academic rigor and real-world entrepreneurial spirit as a facilitator. With an illustrious career spanning over 20 years, James specializes in catalyzing transformative change across diverse industries through Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking. His unique approach—rooted in the power of strategic questioning and collaborative co-creation—accelerates cultural shifts, ignites sales enablement, and crafts impactful strategies that resonate on a global scale.


James is known to be self-deprecating, high energy and a ton of fun. He consistently delivers exceptional value, evidenced by an impressive recommendation of 6.2 out of 7. His expertise is underpinned by a Ph.D. in International Consumer Psychology and an M.A. in Management Research from The University of Western Australia, complemented by an MBA in Finance from Wagner College, USA. James's global perspective is enriched by professional and personal experiences in Australia, Japan, the UAE, and his current residence in Bend, Oregon.

Facilitation is the art of guiding a community through questions.

Better Together Through Collaboration
When you've lived and worked on four continents you learn a thing or two about the art of collaboration.

Facilitation Style

“Community collaboration made easy.”

Facilitation Particpant

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