Large Group Facilitation

Do you know a leader who creates a spectacular vision and mission for the organization, to only fall short in getting complete organization buy-in? Or, a moment in your organization where it feels stuck? Why does this happen?


Well, typically it occurs because not everyone is in the room co-creating the vision or a breakthrough. When all stakeholders get together, top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, magic occurs resulting in a deeper sense of purpose or an innovative solution that accelerates growth. 

The 4-D Model takes large groups on a journey like no other journey.


  • Discovery - This phase focuses on exploring the past to find examples of excellence. Here, groups find that they have more in common then they do differences and create themes/clusters to explore further. 

  • Dream - This phase lets your team dream big. Using the themes/cluster from discovery, teams start to think about 'what is possible', or 'how might we...' questions. 

  • Design - This phase is all about putting 'meat on the bones' (sorry vegetarians). Groups will do rapid prototyping to co-create a vision or solve a problem. In either case, everyone is working towards the same mission. It is simply magical.

  • Destiny - This phase is making sure that what was dreamed and designed, gets a structure to ensure success. Goals are set, and triggers for accountability are developed.    

If this process is something that interest you contact me and learn more.
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