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Life is a journey

I spent the first 27 years thinking I was dumb. Then I discovered I had form of dyslexia. 

My Story

Hey there! I'm Dr. James Kelley (but just James is fine). Imagine being a treasure hunter, but instead of searching for hidden gold or ancient secrets, I search for what makes great leaders and how people can get better at working together through the power of facilitation. That's been my big adventure over the last year!

I started a company called qChange, where we tried to figure out the puzzle of how to measure soft skills, like being a good listener or working well with others. Our software solution was a detective for the invisible stuff that matters a lot.


Before I became a bit of a business detective, I traveled all over the world, learning and teaching about why people buy what they buy and how leaders can be their best. I've lived in four different places around the globe, soaking up stories and lessons like a sponge.

The journey continues...

Over 6-weeks on a Portugues beach, I wrote a book called "The Crucible’s Gift," which is like a guidebook on how tough times can actually make us better leaders (shoutout to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Professor Bill George who endorsed the book!). Some really smart and kind people thought it was pretty cool and said nice things about it.

Now, I live in Bend, Oregon, with my family, and I love to share what I've learned with people everywhere. Whether it’s in a classroom, a big conference, or just a chat, I'm all about making learning about leadership and teamwork fun and interesting.

So, if you're in search of a facilitator who can blend wisdom, wit, and a wee bit of sarcasm into a memorable experience, let's chat. Together, we'll explore the uncharted territories of leadership, growth, and the occasional epic fail. Because, in the end, isn't life the greatest adventure of all?

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