Dr. Seth Gillihan, Dr. David Yusko, and Dr. Mitch Greene

Today I wrangled all three of the previous guest (Dr. Seth Gillihan, Dr. David Yusko, and Dr. Mitch Greene) to come on the podcast and talk about mental health. Though the focus was supposed to be about mental health awareness, the podcast quickly turned into a conversation about being a psychologist. Interesting, definitely! On topic, not so much, but what are you going to do. It made for great conversation.

For more information on our guest, please see their webpages below. Dr. Seth Gillihan (www.sethgillihan.com) Dr. David Yusko (www.med.upenn.edu/ctsa/faculty_yusko) Dr. Mitch Greene (www.greenepsych.com)

Also, if you dig the music, please check out Marlon Lang (www.marlonlangmusic.com).

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