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Mark Crawley: Speaker, Leadership Change Agent & Consultant; Author of "Lead From The Heart

Today, Mark Crawley (Speaker, Leadership Change Agent & Consultant; Author of "Lead From The Heart") stops by the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast where he wears his emotions on his sleeve, and tells a honest story about his childhood that had a lot of low points and very few high ones. His harder then average childhood turned his pain into best practices for leading a team and eventually a book. When I asked Mark to come on the podcast he had just wrote an article on LinkedIn called, "Employee Engagement Isn't Getting Better and Gallup Shares the Surprising Reasons Why", where there has been 340K views, 7K likes, and 1K comments. Clearly it had an impact. This was one of my favorite interviews and I want to thank Mark for his honesty and authenticity. As always, please leave a review on iTunes. It only takes a second, and it has an enormous impact on my ranking.

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