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Ron Wiens- 35 years of building high performance cultures

Today Ron Wiens (Leadership Consultant) stops by the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast. Ron’s focus is on helping leaders build high-performance cultures. Ron has spent the past 35 years helping organizations effect positive, sustainable and bottom-line-enhancing change. He has been involved in organizational transformation in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa. Ron also works with the managers of these organizations, taking them through a process of personal transformation that enables them to build the behaviors and competencies needed for leadership in times of rapid and ongoing change. Ron is a noted speaker on the topics of leadership and cultural change. Ron is sought by CEOs and other senior executives as a leadership coach. His work on organizational transformation has been featured in CIO Canada and his white papers on public-private partnerships have been published in the UK’s Local Government Chronicle and Outsource magazines. His recently released book, Building Organizations that Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound, is a leader’s guide to the building of a high-performance culture.

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