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Andrew Skyes - CEO of Habits at Work

Today on the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast, Andrew Skyes. Andrew founded Habits at Work (formerly Health at Work Wellness Actuaries) to help people just like him: those with busy careers who love life, enjoy their vices, find exercising hard work and who struggle to make daily healthy choices, despite knowing what they are. He is confident that if our approach can work for him, it can work for anyone prone to stress, vices, having too much fun and enjoying sedentary habits. Andrew is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of leadership, product innovation, sales and business development experience. He loves to solve problems by creating products -- and is currently obsessed with behavior-linked insurance and financial services products. Prior to starting Habits at Work, Andrew was Chief Wellness Officer at the Vitality Group. Andrew continues to travel for work like a runaway train. Thanks to the support of his team and the knowledge he's accumulated over his years of working in the wellness industry, he doesn’t “veg-out” in front of hotel TVs anymore and has gotten to know his fair share of hotel gyms (though he still has a weakness for dark chocolate). You can find out more about Habits at Work here: and the up and coming event Work Room ( where you put your organizational wellness on strategy hyperdrive.

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