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Marissa Feil - Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Today on the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast, interview with Attorney Marisa Feil. Marisa obtained her Bachelor's Degree at McGill University and proceeded to graduate from the Common and Civil Law programs at Université de Montréal, widely recognized as one of Canada's premier law schools. Practicing law since 2008, Attorney Feil is a member of both the Canadian Bar Association and the Barreau du Quebec. Attorney Feil is an accomplished entrepreneur who previously worked at a larger immigration law firm which she left to cultivate her own flourishing practice, Foreign Worker Canada. As the legal representative of all FWCanada clients, Attorney Feil has established herself as a respected authority on Canadian immigration law. She oversees the growth and business strategies of her practice as FWCanada's services change to meet the evolving needs of immigration law. Attorney Feil liaises regularly with federal and provincial offices on behalf of her clients and is held in esteem by the very agencies that create the laws and policy that regulate the industry. Highly regarded as an expert in the field, Attorney Feil frequently participates in speaking engagements providing her insights on Canadian immigration. Specializing in all aspects of inadmissibility to Canada, Attorney Feil has addressed audiences of criminal defense attorneys in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah ,and Nevada. Attorney Feil has a strong online presence, presenting webinars on various immigration topics in association with Thompson Reuters West LegalEd division and other continuing legal education organizations. As a published author, Attorney Feil has contributed to books and other written works outlining the consequences of DUI convictions on entry to Canada. Attorney Feil loves her work as a Supervising Attorney, as she finds it fulfilling to provide honest, accurate information to individuals who are seeking to change their lives and offer their children a bright future. You can find out more about her services here:

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