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Larry Chapman - CEO of the Chapman Institute.

Today on the Brave Endurance Wellness Podcast Larry Chapman MPH stops by and chats. Today on show we learn about Larry's journey and what makes him tick. Larry, the founder of Chapman Institute, has spent more than 35 years improving the health of employees and their family members and managing employee health costs. Larry has developed more than 1,000 employee wellness programs, including more than 200 wellness financial incentive programs. An internationally recognized expert and speaker on innovative health management interventions, Larry has published 13 books and more than 190 professional articles and columns. Part of the vision for Chapman Institute is to utilize the experience that Larry has gained throughout his career in Worksite Wellness along with the most current applicable research to pass along high-value insights and suggestions to those who are now in the trenches – planning, designing, implementing, managing and evaluating Worksite Wellness programs. Chapman Institute’s WellCertsm program embodies the vision of Chapman Institute by offering practical, experienced-based training and certification resources that promote professional development and establish a research-driven best practice standard for wellness practitioners.

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