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Dr. Jonathon Dugas - Director of Health and Research for Vitality

Today on the Brave Endurance Podcast, Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D., Director of Health and Research for Vitality stops by for a chat. Jonathan studied Kinesiology and graduated with Honors from Texas Christian University, where he worked in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory as a research assistant. His strong interest in Exercise Physiology led him to the University of Cape Town, where he completed a Ph.D. under the guidance of Professor Tim Noakes. Although his doctoral work focused on human temperature regulation, he has keen interests in the promotion of health and exercise, which is what eventually led him to The Vitality Group. Jonathan’s strengths are in the translation of science studies and the practical application of scientific findings to populations. As Director of Clinical Development, Jonathan’s focus is to ensure Vitality continues to use evidence-based best practices and retains its strong scientific foundations. With the Vitality Institute, Jonathan supports the development of the tobacco cessation research for the US, contributes to the Vitality Institute staying up to speed on any developments with regards to physical activity, and supports the Webinar Series offered.

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