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Rachel Druckenmiller (Dir. of Wellness w/ SIG) & Brian Passon

Today on the final episode for the summer, Rachel Druckenmiller stops by and chats with Brian Passon and myself. Rachel was named the #1 Wellness Professional in the U.S. by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). Rachel is the Director of Wellbeing at SIG, a consulting firm dedicated to creating engaging and innovative solutions for our clients. She passionate about educating people about the benefits of healthy living and whole food nutrition, so they can heal, feel better and be better. Rachel consults with organizations and their leadership teams and teach, equip, and train them how to create cultures of health and wellbeing in the workplace. She also guides employees to make lifestyle changes through workshops, seminars and teaching them how to cook healthy, delicious food through healthy food demonstrations.Rachel has a Master of Science degree with concentrations in Community Health Education & Health Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Tidbit on Brian Passon: Brian has a natural affinity and ability to see potential when others do not. He relishes the opportunity to expose what is possible in creative, experiential and novel ways and joyfully facilitate others so that people, organizations, and communities may be passionate participants of their own purpose. In doing so, they craft memorable experiences uninhibited by their previous paradigms of the possible. Upcoming WebEx that I moderating:

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