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Dr. Joshua Klapow - Chief Behavioral Scientist at ChipRewards

Today on Executives After Hours is Dr. Joshua C. Klapow. Joshua and I talk about everything under the sun. I felt like was on a couch with a psychologist...luckily Josh is one. Joshua is a licensed clinical psychologist and Chief Behavioral Scientist for ChipRewards, a health engagement technology company. He is also an Associate Professor of Public Health at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Klapow serves as a senior clinical advisor for The MindSide, a sports and performance psychology organization. He is the author of more than 100 professional articles, abstracts, and book chapters in the area of behavioral medicine and health psychology. He is also the author of “Living SMART: 5 Essential Skills to Change Your Health Habits Forever” a consumer-focused book on lifestyle change. Dr. Klapow works extensively with local and national media in the dissemination of behavioral science content. He has made over 900 media appearances across a variety of television and radio outlets. He is the co-host for Cumulus Radio 99.5FM WZRR – “The Web” ( ) and serves as the resident psychologist for Cumulus Radio 99.5FM “The Matt and Aunie Show”. He is also a regular guest on The Weather Channel and Weather Underground Television. Dr. Klapow received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialization in Behavioral Medicine from the University of California, San Diego in 1995. He also completed a fellowship in Geropsychiatry at the University of California, San Diego in 1996.

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