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Bridgette Mayer - Art Gallery Owner and Author

Today on Executives After Hours Bridgette Mayer stops by for a chat... Bridgette and I have a heart to heart conversation. She shares the heartbreak of growing up in a drug infested neighborhood and the biggest lesson learned. Intuition!!! Having been scooped up and placed in a foster home, eventually adopted by the same family, Bridgette succeed against the odds. Attending Bucknell University, Bridgette was on her way to taking on the art world. In addition, Bridgette recently released the book The Art Cure and founded one of Philadelphia’s preeminent contemporary galleries, Bridgette Mayer Gallery in 2001. The Gallery has earned a national reputation for finding and cultivating American abstract artists over the last decade and today represents nearly two dozen leading established and emerging artists. Through her fifteen years in running her Gallery business, Bridgette has extensive experience in curating fine art and corporate collections, purchasing art as an investment, buying and selling art on the secondary market and creating public and site-specific artworks for larger projects. You can learn more about Bridgette Here and find her book on Amazon Here.

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