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Laura Putnam - CEO of Motion Infusion and Author

For this week's bonus episode Laura Putnam- CEO of Motion Infusion, book author (Workplace Wellness that Works), and facilitator of the program Managers on the Move (in partnership with ProChange). In this podcast, Laura and I talk about her competitively doing gymnastics, life at Stanford, and her random journey in teaching, getting a Master's in adult education, and going out on her own as an entrepreneur. Laura is a tour de force in the corporate wellness industry and has the ear of many of the leaders. She puts Richard Simmons energy to shame as she works the room during her keynote talks. Her book "Work Place Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being Vitality into Any Organization." As the book suggests, Laura provides an easily understood framework for organizations who need to create a wellness program from the ground up. This was the first episode of the "Fast 5" segment and wait until you hear Laura's answer for what she would do if she was President of the United States. For more information at Motion Infusion, you can go to And you can find her book on Amazon.

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