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Jake Carlson -Podcaster and former COO

Today on Executives After Hours, Jake Carlson (Former COO of Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, Boy Scouts of America), book author, host of Modern Leadership, and currently traveling the world with his family of five. Jake and I jump right into it...Since I sometimes lack the ability to be gentle with my questions, we immediately talk about Jake being Mormon, why are there so many successful Mormon executives, and broaching the topic with his wife about quitting this job and taking the family on a year-long sabbatical.

Growing up Jake listened to Zig Ziglar on cassette and memorized every word. In college, he obtained a degree in deductive logic and analytic thinking and went on to law school and business school for a joint MBA/JD. Over the next six years, Jake worked at the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation as in-house counsel before joining The Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council as Director of Development and later Chief Operating Officer.

In 2016, Jake transitioned to podcasting, speaking, writing, and mentoring full time. In order to focus all his time and energy around growing his businesses, His podcast, Modern Leadership is widely success (just rebranded), and he writes articles for multiple blogs. Jake is offering a free leadership superpower assessment to determine your own unique leadership superpower. Just go to . To learn your superpower.

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