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Rich Bolte - CEO of BDP International

Today on Executives After Hours, Rich Bolte (CEO of BDP International) stops by for a chat. Rich and I talk about how the age of 13 was a defining time in developing his leadership. His mom passed away, seen divorce, and was told to take up the everyday duties of the house. The oldest of six boys, this included cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Basically, he had to roll up his sleeves and get work done while maintaining sanity. You can see this with his career at BDP. We also talk about the how creating a family culture in Philadelphia, influences all aspects of their global business. Rich has been the Chief Executive Officer of BDP International, Inc. since July 2006. In 1996, he was named President of BDP International. Rich is instrumental in establishing a number of joint ventures and alliances with international Logistics and Transportation companies in the Pacific Rim, Malaysia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, U.K., South America and the U.S. BDP operates in 135 countries with 300 offices. You can learn more about BDP at

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