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James Poer CEO of Kestra Financial loves Dr. Seuss and all the problems it can solve.

Today on Executives After Hours, James Poer (CEO of Kestra Financial) stops by for a Green Eggs & Ham talk. James and I chat about a whole host of topics, but most importantly he reflects on the impact his wife had on his confidence with a Dr. Seuss book. As President and CEO of Kestra Financial, James is dedicated to helping independent financial advisors fulfill client goals through a unique integration of technology and service. Kestra Financial serves independent financial advisory firms with varying business affiliations, including independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) and hybrid advisors. James joined Kestra Financial (previously NFP Advisor Services) in 2003 and has served as President since September 2008. Under his leadership, the business experienced unparalleled growth, doubling its assets under management and increasing annual gross revenue by over $177 million.

Through his support of the open architecture platform, James continues to position Kestra Financial as a leader in the independent financial services space. Prior to joining Kestra Financial, he held marketing and product development roles for two asset management companies and served as Director of Advisory Services for two AIG RIAs. James received his Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University and completed the Securities Industry Institute at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. You can learn more about Kestra Financial here:

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