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NICE GUYS ON BUSINESS PODCAST: Taking on the Big Funkin’ World with Doctor James Kelley

Show notes:


  • Too often in life, you play the “what if” game…. And that sucks

  • Harness fear in the good way, not the bad way

Adventure is Out There!

  • Not enough people live life in adventure mode

  • You’ve got to take life by the balls sometimes

  • So many people have paralysis by analysis

  • Acknowledge it. Own it. Make a choice whether to stay in that state or not

  • People who succeed where others fail have the ability to stop, understand where they are – what the failures/successes – and reflect

  • “Executive After Hours” is about takes you through the life, unfiltered, of today’s success people

  • Take care of yourself first and then you’ll be able to take care of everything else better

Closing Lines

  • Every successful leader is

  • Self-aware

  • Values relationships

  • honest

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