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Danna Korn - Co-Founder of Sonic Boom - She puts the 'B' back in 'Boom Baby'

Today on the bonus episode, Danna Korn, Chief Energizer Officer of Sonic Boom Wellness. Dana is responsible for program innovation, client & user happiness, and strategic operations. She and her co-founder, Bryan Van Noy (happens to be the hubby as well), were compelled to start Sonic Boom because they're passionate about the idea of corporate wellness - but were frustrated by the lack of participation. They felt the missing link was sustained engagement and a focus on changing daily behaviors - so they built a program that people want to participate in.

Danna began her work in the wellness industry in 1991, with a focus on nutrition and medical conditions that benefit from a gluten-free diet. She is a best-selling author of six books on nutrition, including three in the prestigious "For Dummies" series. Renowned as the country's "Gluten-Free Guru," Danna is respected as one of the leading authorities on the gluten-free diet and medical conditions that benefit from it. She has been featured in People Magazine, on ABC's "20-20," and dozens of other national media outlets. She was honored as "one of San Diego's Leading Fitness Visionaries" in the 2004 issue of Health and Fitness Magazine, and was awarded the Channel 10 Leadership Award for her philanthropic work in the community. See more at:

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