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Michael Susi -Senior Global Wellness Manager and Al Lewis - CEO of Quizzify

Today on Executives After Hours, Michael Susi, Senior Global Wellness Director of LinkedIn stops by for a chat. However, before Michael and I talk, Al Lewis (CEO of comes by the show (my first repeat guest) and catches up to drop some knowledge. Back to Michael, throughout his career, Michael has been a team builder, teacher, and entrepreneur. Prior to joining LinkedIn, Michael was in the process of founding an online service designed to assist people, achieve their health and wellness goals. Michael’s progress through the Health and Wellness discipline coincided with various sales and marketing roles at companies that ranged from large corporations to internet startups over a 12-year span. Michael also experienced a short stint as a collegiate football coach prior to moving to New York City and entering the corporate world. The LinkedIn Health and Wellness program is built around the three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness. Our mission is to provide LinkedIn employees, their families and communities with the motivation, education, and offerings to attain a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Our goal is to help each individual achieve optimal performance in all that they do so that they are more likely to achieve their goals, both professional and personal.

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