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MODERN LEADERSHIP PODCAST: Authentically Overcoming Fear w/ Guest Dr. James Kelley

Dr. James Kelley is a marketing expert and authentic leader. He is the host of the wildly successful Executives after Hours podcast, part of C Suite Radio. I was recently honored to be the featured guest in episode 92.

We had so much fun. He brings his A game every episode and as an interviewer got me to talk about some things I hadn’t ever mentioned before on the air. Well, the tables have turned and I am excited to have James on my show this week.

Dr. James and his family recently relocated to the United Arab Emirates where in addition to hosting the aforementioned podcast he is also an assistant professor of marketing at United Arab Emirates University and President of Brave Endurance Consulting.


  • We discuss the role of luck. I am a big believer that everyone experiences luck, both good and bad. We dig into that this episode

  • We talk about customer relations, modern marketing and the role of theory (fascinating)

  • A little surf discussion- success surfing that is.

  • Authenticity is the x-factor

  • Don’t let fear distract you, conquer fear.

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