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Dr. Seth Gillihan Clinical Psychologist and a super rad dude.

Today on the bonus episode of Executives After Hours, Dr. Seth Gillihan stops by for a chat. Dr. Gillihan and I discuss the role of anxiety and depression in the workplace. Seth is one of the nicest guys I know and has a great perspective on helping his clients break through the shackles that may be holding them back from personal growth.

Dr. Gillihan started his clinical training in The George Washington University’s community counseling program where he learned the fundamentals of human development, the therapeutic relationship, and how people make positive changes. While at GW Seth had the opportunity to work with individuals in a partial hospitalization program who were dealing with major mental illnesses and addiction, as well as with adolescents, college students, and adults in GW’s outpatient clinic. After the first year in his master’s program, he knew he wanted more specialized training in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Consequently, he decided to continue his education in the doctoral program in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, which is strong both in brain research and in evidence-based psychological treatments.

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