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David Basulto CEO of iOgrapher and one random life

Today on Executives After Hours I had the pleasure to talk with David Basulto, CEO of iOgrapher. David may have one of the more random lives. He has worked in film and tv, education and is now charting a course as a successful CEO, at 51. Before starting iOgrapher, David was a college football player, Wall Street stockbroker, Hollywood producer, and high school media teacher. After starting his Hollywood career as an extra in Rocky V, he worked with the likes of Jon Voight, Steven Seagal, and Edward Norton and on shows such as Cheers, Mad About You, and News Radio. His most rewarding job was teaching, and his students inspired the invention of the iOgrapher case. Basulto became an entrepreneur at the age of 51 and now spends his time helping individuals create Hollywood-quality films on mobile devices, and developing new products when he’s not smiling with his wife and son. Check out David's creation.

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