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Lisa McDonald - Author, Speaker, and perhaps a superhero

Today on Executives After Hours I have Lisa McDonald stop by for a chat. We dive right into it from the start about child abuse and life.....Talk about heavy topics! You will also note that during the opening I let you know that I was ready to throw-up. Good news, it didn't happen. Yeah me! Though I felt like crap for the remainder of the night. Ok, back to Lisa. Lisa wears many hats. A successful author, motivational speaker, tv and radio host, blogger, personal development coach, mentor and mother of two. Prior to her life in the public eye, Lisa had a successful 25-year career within the social services sector. Lisa is the author of three bestselling children’s books: Little Boy Gan: From Passion-Filled Everland; Reimburse the Universe and Planet Pome-Granite. She is also a contributing author to the International nonfiction bestsellers, 365 Moments of Grace and 365 Life Shifts, and the soon-to-be-published, Shine Your Light. Lisa has just finished her first nonfiction manuscript, a memoir, due out in 2018. On her weekly radio talk show, Lisa interviews a variety of newsmakers, leaders, authors and celebrities. Recent guests have included, Deepak Chopra, Leeza Gibbons, David Suzuki, Dave Pelzer, Jay Shetty, Lolly Daskal. Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath and leadership expert, Dov Baron. In 2017, Lisa became a blogger for Arianna Huffington’s, Thrive Global, a website dedicated to offering readers sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance both well-being and performance. You can find out more

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