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Àlex Cardona - Co-Founder of Aborígens - Barcelona's best food tour company

Today on Executives After Hours, Àlex Cardona, Co-founder of Aborígens. Àlex found it entrepreneurial spirit from his dad, his passion, and compassion from his mom and his love for food from Catalonia. Àlex and his partner began Aborígens by giving free food tours for their friends and family. However, after realizing that 'for free' was bad for the bank account they went to work creating the company. As Catalan professionals with experience in journalism and communication, they set forth creating an experience second to none. If you are ever in Barcelona and love food, please look these guys up and do a tour. It was one of my most favorite experiences.

FB: @aborigensbcn

TW: @aborigensbcn


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