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Doug Smith - Ex-NHL'er From Hockey to Quadriplegic back to Hockey.

On this week's bonus episode of Executives After Hours, Doug Smith, an ex-NHL hockey player who shattered his vertebrae while playing hockey. Doug is the best-selling Author of “The Trauma Code” & “Thriving in Transition". Doug is an expert on disarming the ticking time bomb within today’s organizations; Cumulative Emotional Trauma in the Workplace. At 18 years old, Doug was drafted 2nd overall into the NHL to play for the Los Angeles Kings as their youngest player ever. The next 11 years he was defined by hockey successes, hockey failures, his lack of awareness and the culture of a collision sport. His career ended suddenly at 29 years old when he shattered his spine in professional game #607 and suffered a high-level spinal cord injury.

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