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Marie Wiese - Another Canadian bites the dust - President of Marketing CoPilot

Today on Executives After Hours, Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot and author of "You Can't Be Everywhere." Maire has helped hundreds of companies turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines. Marie works with CEOs and business owners to develop digital marketing tools that are part of the Marketing CoPilot Methodology; she is an Executive in Residence at the Innovation Factory, has contributed to national publications on digital marketing, is an Adjunct Professor of Mentis Academy and a volunteer mentor with Futurpreneur Canada. She shares her knowledge extensively on her blog and in her latest book, You Can’t Be Everywhere. You can also go to, -------------- Here is Marie's full bio: It all started with a Jalopy typewriter back in the 1970’s. Marie’s grandmother gave it to her merely as a toy to keep her amused on rainy days. But Marie took it seriously. Very seriously. In fact her first writing exercise involved penning a series of letters to the local Member of Parliament asking for a job as her assistant. She was 12 (Marie, not the MP). After graduating from York University with a degree in English and a certificate in Public Relations from Humber College, Marie became a press secretary to a federal cabinet minister in Ottawa, Canada. Her letter writing campaign had finally paid off. Working in Canada’s financial services industry lead Marie to her first brush with entrepreneurism. It was the dotcom boom of the late 90s and she joined a financial services software company as the VP of Marketing and later Sales. With nothing more than PowerPoint and a compelling story about the vast opportunity to automate the brokerage industry, Marie was part of a team that raised $25M. But the dream of “cashing out” and riding the dotcom boom was not to be. Within twelve months of rolling out the business plan, the dotcom meltdown had begun and the company’s anchor clients on Wall Street, who were needed to prove out the software, were unfortunate victims of 9/11. What happened next was a technology fire sale and what would become a dramatic shift in the economy. Escaping in 2002 with nothing more than her dignity and a good story to tell, Marie found her passion and zone of genius: she started applying old school marketing tactics to new school digital marketing. She emerged as one of Canada’s top digital strategists and marketing thought leaders. Over the last 10 years, Marie has helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs turn their websites into lead generation and sales machines. She has taught her clients how to navigate the dramatic shift in marketing caused by overwhelmed consumers having too much choice and too little time. They are educated and aggressive in the way they want to self-educate and buy from businesses. Marie has become a master of modern marketing. She shares her knowledge extensively on her blog and in her latest book, You Can’t Be Everywhere. Along the way, Marie learned some critical life and business lessons. After a decade of putting work before health, she realized something simple, but profound: her life is far more important than her work. As a wife, mother, and recently grandmother, family and friends are priorities. Being able to manage one’s life and financial responsibilities take precedent over helping corporations build their empires. She keeps this wisdom front in center when she’s working on her business, and when she’s training her clients to build high-profit, low maintenance marketing systems.

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