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Joe Sanok - Counselor | Speaker | Consultant | #1 Podcast for Counselor

Today on Executives After Hours, I had the pleasure to interview Joe Sanok. Joe and I talk about his transformation from Evangelical Christian to spiritual....landing someone where on the faith spectrum. Joe decided that instead of preaching to people, he would go on a listening tour. The results is a guy who is deeply grounded, completely transparent, and swell. We talk about a lot more than this, but it gives you an idea.

Joe is a speaker, mental health counselor, business consultant, and podcaster. Joe has the #1 podcast for counselors, The Practice of the Practice Podcast. With interviews with Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Rob Bell, Glennon Doyle Melton, and Lewis Howes, Joe is a rising star in the speaking world! Joe is a writer for PsychCentral, has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD Magazine, Reader's Digest, Bustle, and Yahoo News. He is a keynote speaker, author of five books, and is a top consultant. You can learn more here.

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