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Jake Nicolle - The non-rock star rock star: Co-Founder of 180 Drums

Today on Executives After Hours, I had the pleasure to speak with Jake Nicolle, Co-Founder o f 180 Drums. Jake is wise beyond his years and has the calming presence about him. He is super polite....and what would I expect, he is Canadian. You will be hearing a lot from this guy over the years. At 25 years old, Jake Nicolle is the co-founder of 180 Drums, an e-commerce education business, and has spent the last 5 years becoming an expert in product development, product marketing, business operations, and online branding and strategy. At 180 Drums, in less than a year, he garnered an audience of over 200,000+ followers and 2M+ views through his unique strategy to online brand development. Alongside 180 Drums, Jake also interviews top performers across various industries including Forbes and Fast Company featured entrepreneurs, through Novel Podcast.

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