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Robb Holman - Leader, Author, Minister and checkerboard champ..against his wife

Today on Executives After Hours Robb Holman stops by for a chat. Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, and author of LEAD THE WAY, who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.

With passion and exuberance, Robb’s dynamic teaching style has successfully led countless business owners, executives, and leaders through his exclusive and proprietary method of Inside Out Leadership™ Coaching. In helping his clients learn how to connect with their unique life’s purpose, they are finding success in a way they never expected - from the inside out!

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, Robb has founded numerous, highly influential organizations, both for-profit, as well as non-profit. His current endeavor is as co-founder of Agents of Efficiency, a consultancy revolutionizing the way small businesses operate. You can learn more about Robb at

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