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Stephen Petith - International Man of Mystery and Internationalization Architect

Today EAH, Stephen Petith stops by to discuss the end of the world, libertarianism, and international architecture. Stephan is an Internationalization Architect, working to create Internationalised Businesses and Lifestyles for his clients. Stephen has started, sold and operates businesses around the world. After school, he joined the Royal Australian Navy completing an apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician, in 2000 left the navy to join the family business and pursue a new career. After Starting and operating several of the families businesses, He decided to return to school and undertake a degree in business (Entrepreneurship), During this time He became the campaign manager for a Parliamentary representatives election. After the successful election to Parliament, Stephen stayed on as the elected representatives Senior Officer, gaining valuable experience in Government & Politics, from the inside. Stephen continues to use his knowledge gained from his past business and political roles to provide strategic advice on business and personal internationalization. You can learn more at: www.sjpetith.com_________ #cruciblesgift

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