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Guest Appearance on SRTP: "154 Dr. James Kelley Follows His Passion for Success"

Dr. James Kelley is an accomplished scholar and podcaster. He interviews successful C-Level executives and is bringing that knowledge to life in a series of books and here in this podcast.

Dr. Kelley believes that each person has a unique calling. Thus, there is no shame in being an electrician, plumber, and any other job roles that don’t require a college degree.

He encourages entrepreneurs to pursue the ideas they have. Many times he heard people regretting that they didn’t start sooner.

Dr. Kelley is a huge proponent of following one’s passion. He suggests everyone go on an adventure and travel the world.

He’s lived in three different countries and has seen how everyone has something more in common. According to him, tolerance is among the things that are lacking.

Dr. Kelley also talks about the unique environment he now resides. Majority of the people in UAE consists of laborers. Out of the 9.5 million population, only 1.5 are Emirates.

Most are happy despite their squalid situations. Sometimes entrepreneurs get stressed on things that don’t even matter.

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