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Seth Kahan - One man's vision quest to leading through the 4th wall.

Today on Executives After Hours, Seth Kahan. Seth and I discuss his desire to go on a vision quest, perform street art and work for the World Bank. Seth grew up in Austin, Texas, and dropped out of graduate school to do street theater. For over 10 years Seth could be seen on the street entertaining. However, a better gig came along at the World Bank. Though he had a great job Seth felt unsatisfied and was called to do a vision quest. Seth was at the bank for 13 years. In the final 7 years, he was involved in global change initiatives that were highly successful and eventually worked with the president, Jim Wolfensohn. He went out on his own and did 3 global change initiatives under the first Latino director of the Peace Corps, Gaddi Vasquez, and a $20M change initiative for Royal Dutch Shell.

In addition, Seth wrote two books during this time, first was a best seller multiple times: Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right. Began working with nonprofits, professional societies and trade associations in 2008, and have worked with 100+ CEOs on innovation and strategy since then.

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