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Michael Nova - CEO of Nova Printing & creator of X: Human Condition

In a nutshell, Michael is a serial entrepreneur. He started offering business services to other musicians by initially investing only a few hundred dollars in the startup, working out of office space rented by the hour and spend years struggling to build up the business to where he could earn a decent living from it.

Eventually, he found myself being interviewed by the New York Times, which indicated to him he was on the right path.

After years of struggling, Michael built up the business and works with Google, Amex, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Halston, NY Philharmonic, Conde Nast, NASA, the US Gov't and much more.

Meanwhile, as a lifelong musician, Michael wanted to make a difference in the world and thus, spent 12 years working on a music and film multimedia project called X: The Human Condition, which was to be a "message in a bottle" sent out to all the people who felt like like they didn’t fit in, and couldn’t find their place in the world.

To complete the project Michael financed the film, taking the money out of my business. However, during production, he was on the brink of bankruptcy, became seriously ill and nearly lost his vision permanently after he was misdiagnosed by the head of a New York hospital eye department. He was then also diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Eventually, despite what the "experts" told me, after several years of painful setbacks, he was able to reverse the process of the disease through alternative medicine, diet, and nutrition, and a last-minute second opinion saved my vision. Through sheer determination, Michael was able to save his business and released the multimedia project to rave reviews.

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