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Full Interview w/ Jon Berghoff - Knife legend and Founder of Flourishing Leadership Institute


Jon Berghoff is co-founder and president of Flourishing Leadership Institute, leading high-purpose organizations through positive change, high stakes collaborations, and rapid transformation - at the scale of the whole system. FLI has worked with the Navy, Army, United Nations, Google, Apple, VISA, and hundreds of high purpose organizations. FLI is the creator of the LEAF Certification, enabling leaders to facilitate conversations and collaborations of all types, utilizing the latest science in Positive Psychology, Experiential Learning, Design Thinking, and Strengths Based Management.

Jon previously led sales at Vitamix where, in less than five years, his division organically grew revenue from $42M to $174M, and from 175 to 600 team members. His large-group facilitation has brought him to five continents, and he teaches Appreciative Leadership and Emotionally Intelligent Negotiating through Executive Education at Weatherhead School of Management.

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