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Full-Interview w/ Marcus Damas- Founder of Fueled By Culture: AKA - The most chilled man alive.


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Crucible's Gift coming April 2018

Facebook: Marcus.Damas

LinkedIn: Marcus Damas

Twitter: @marcusdamas

Instagram: @marcusdamas


Marcus Damas is an American Entrepreneur, retired professional basketball player, and devoted husband and father based in New York City. Before playing in Sweden’s professional basketball league for the Solna Vikings, Marcus played Small Forward for the Towson Tigers, Towson University’s NCAA Division 1 team in the state of Maryland, where he is on the top 20 all-time scoring list. Following his basketball career, Marcus returned to New York City to pursue a career in creative leadership as the Founder and CEO of Fueled by Culture. Fueled by Culture is a burgeoning creative marketing agency that specializes in connecting and empowering brands with influencers through innovative content and experiential event programming. FBC clients and partners include Avion, Lyft, Hooch, and Postmates to name a few. Marcus Damas is also a key note speaker at marketing conferences around the world.

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