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Full-length Interview: Jeffrey Durmer- 'The Sleep Dr." & CMO of Fusion Health

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer


Dr. Jeffrey Durmer is a systems neuroscientist, neurologist and sleep medicine physician with particular expertise in technology-enabled sleep-health delivery systems. He began his career at the University of Pennsylvania studying the neurophysiology of central nervous systems that generate sleep and circadian rhythms in animals.

Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Georgia State University Department of Health Professions, and co-founder & Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth, an Atlanta-based sleep health technology firm.

At FusionHealth he oversees the development of innovative medical systems that provide scalable solutions using platform-based technology to diagnose, treat and manage sleep conditions in large populations. Prior to FusionHealth, he co-founded FusionSleep, an Atlanta-based AASM accredited multi-disciplinary sleep medicine program that continues to serve tens-of-thousands of children and adults with sleep disorders. In addition, he was director of the Emory University Sleep Laboratory and Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program where he trained medical students, residents and fellows.

He has published multiple medical textbook chapters, original research papers and abstracts. His collaboration with international clinical research teams led to the current medical criteria utilized to diagnose and treat Restless Legs Syndrome in adults and children. Dr. Durmer is past-President of the Georgia Association of Sleep Professionals and three-term member of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board for the Restless Legs Foundation, and currently serves on the pediatric RLS subcommittee for the Foundation. He serves as the Sleep Performance Director for the Atlanta Falcons and is an appointed Sleep Medicine advisor to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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