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Justin Batt - Founder of Daddy Saturday and Chair of Health & Sports Business at Forbes Books

Justin created Daddy Saturday: A Dad’s Guide to Intentional Fatherhood by creating epic moments with your children in order to raise good kids who become great adults. It's his solution to the fatherhood crisis and it started in his own household and with his own children. Early on he realized the importance of being intentional with the time he had each Saturday with his own children and their desire to have epic moments and memories with their Dad. Each Saturday, Justin and his four children embark on a new epic adventure which are filmed for their YouTube channel. Past episodes include epic moments like a bubble wrap battle, trampoline pool, blue crabbing, beach sports, magic bubbles, blind taste test and more. Ultimately, Justin’s passion to help other Dad’s become intentional father’s and experience the same positive growth in their kids fueled the creation of the platform Daddy Saturday. The book titled Daddy Saturday is in publication with a release date in spring of 2018.

--------Web: www.daddysaturday.comFacebook: @thedaddysaturdayLinkedIn: @justinbattTwitter: @daddysaturdaysInstagram: @daddysaturday______________

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