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Caleb Breakey - CEO of Speak It To Book

Caleb Breakey is one of the nation's leading Book Directors. His accolades include:

  • Lead Book Director of and

  • Author of Called to Stay (Amazon #1 bestseller in Church Growth and ECPA Christian Book Award finalist) and Dating Like Airplanes (#10 bestseller in Relationships)

  • Winner of the prestigious Genesis Contest founded by American Christian Fiction Writers

  • Graduate of the Christian Writers Guild’s highest level

  • Student of Christian writing giants Jerry B. Jenkins (Left Behind) and Ted Dekker (Circle Series)

  • Teacher at all of the major Christian writing conferences across the nation

  • Award-winning journalist and interviewer of numerous star athletes and musicians, including Derek Jeter, Roger Clemons, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Emerson Drive, and Casting Crowns.

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