Isaac Tolpin - Co-Founder of ConveYour a micro learning platform

Isaac is a tech entrepreneur and futurist at heart, on the mission of humanizing the digital learning experience to equip and fuel change in the world.

In the pursuit of making a difference through business, Isaac has lost, won, and learned a ton with over 105 million in combined revenues from the companies he has been involved in building.

Isaac has a unique expertise in digital training that comes from:

>>Extensive experience working with young adults leading a large direct sales organization enabling me to see first hand the changes and challenges in human behavior around technology and learning

>>Executive experience building and leading 32 area managers and an overall leadership team of 120 across two states.

>>Co-founded a 43 employee digital publishing company that produced digital training programs for top-tier influencers used for Corporate employee training and online marketing.

>>An influencer in the digital training world, writing articles, many meetings with mainstream publishing companies, universities, large MOOCs, influencers and companies on overcoming the poor engagement challenges of digital training.

>>Co-founded the tech company Throwing Boulders in 2001 with Stephen Rhyne, that launched its most important product in 2016 that’s disrupting the digital training world.

Isaac brings a visionary mindset to my family by creating a legacy raising and educating our seven children with my wife Angie Tolpin of

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