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Get a taste of what a course would look like.

Sometimes teams just need a little boost or a reframing of the problem. Dr. James Kelley offers customized courses around leadership, vision creation, and strategy development and more. With over 15 year's of experience educating, Dr. Kelley aims to accelerate a groups growth through his authentic style. 


As a way to give you a small taste, James offers a free complementary worksheet based on the role of relationships.


What role do important relationships play in your happiness and career? Are you vulnerable? Do you show genuine interest in those around you? Can you find the positives examples of relationships that lift you up? 


Take your first step in becoming a more authentic version of you and get the FREE worksheet. This worksheet will help you explore the role being relatable has in moving you to a more authentic version of yourself. 

Take your first step to lead and live more authentically.

If you like what you see contact me for further information.
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Authentic Leadership Model

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