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Facilitation Style

  • The first thing we accomplish as a group is connecting to the purpose of the facilitation. Why are 'you' the individual at this facilitation to help this community. 


    When we do this as a community, we quickly establish psychological safety. 

  • The facilitation framework used for the day is based Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry simply stated is the best of what was, is, and could be. 

    We a community explore the very best example of excellence it is easier to replicate moving forward because this approach opens both the individual and the community at large to think of what is possible based on what has worked and what is working. 

    Look for the good not the bad

  • Finding the best and brightest possible future collaboration is critical, and there is no better way to collaborate than through Design Thinking.  This is part of the facilitation that participants have the most fun being silly, dreaming big, and creating new solutions that otherwise are overlooked. 

    Creativity comes from collaboration

  • When all is said and done, there are three clear outcomes. 1. You will walk away with 1-3 ideas/strategies that are worth pursuing. 2) You will have a clear sense of what the community believes your organizations' core strengths are, and 3) The community will feel more connected to the organization. 

    Outcomes are clear and measurable

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